Beijing Himalaya Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is a global leading designer and developer of technologically advanced medical aesthetic systems for the surgical and aesthetic markets.

Based on 10 years technical know-how and clinical research, we combine current offices, R&D and manufacturing facilities as well as clinics for more responsive to dynamic market needs.

For years, Himalaya is well recognized by medical aesthetic practitioners, plastic surgeons, and dermatologists with diverse applications of hair removal, body contouring, cellulite reduction, skin revitalization as well as anti-aging procedures.
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In 2004, allocated the first R&D Institute of China for light-based laser.
In 2005, established new clinical center-Himalaya Clinic in Beijing.
In 2006, developed the main power supply for ICE systems.
In 2007, applied the initial clinical test in Himalaya Clinic.
In 2008, pioneered the world's first SHR system-ICE1- focused on light hair solutions.
In 2009, set up KD Technology (China) Co., Ltd with more than 3000m2 manufacturing facility. 
In 2010, launched the DL1 diode laser and unique cooling tip.
In 2011, revolutionized ICE Family (ICE4+) with Patent SPT and FCA technologies.
In 2012, built first Designing Center for configurations of medical aesthetic systems.
In 2013, combined the first HIFU system with independent cooling handle.
In 2013,federalized with The Second Artillery General Hospital of people’s liberation Army China and China PLA Hospital, built Biology and Technology Research Center with clinical proven database shared.
In 2014, set up Beijing Himalaya Medical Technology Co., Ltd. with integrated advanced medical aesthetic systems for the surgical and aesthetic markets.
In 2014, achieved patented SPT and FCA technologies certificates.
In 2014, certified by ISO13485 with full range of CE certificates.
In 2015, we are moving to a new factory with modern medical production lines.

In 2016, we are working on some branch companies.

In 2017, we are going to develop more new equipments and join in more Cosmoprof...

In 2018, we moved to a new office in Changping District, Beijing.